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We Are

Our success is driven by a commitment to our beliefs.

True to our name, we dive deep into the ecosystem of every project we approach to gain a complex understanding of what success will look like. Nothing is done in half-measures and our impact on the environment and the communities we serve is always at the forefront of our efforts.

How We’re Different

Our impeccable eye for presentation, design, and fastidious attention to detail set us apart. We’ve honed our skills working with some of the most successful brands in the development, investment, and hospitality industries including Hilton, Marriott, and several of the most innovative design firms in the region. With a focus on sustainability and positive corporate citizenship, we aim to leave every community we touch richer and more vibrant than when we arrived. We recognize that Fathom’s ongoing success depends on satisfying the needs and objectives of our stakeholders. With every decision, we ensure that we remain true to our goal of providing outstanding results for all.

We Value


To our clients, stakeholders, communities, and employees. We strive to exceed expectations at every possible touch point. No decision is made without carefully considering its impact on all parties involved. We hold ourselves accountable for yielding successful results for our investment partners.


Our team is built around a passion for pursuing creative solutions. We take pride in our associates’ abilities to think and operate proactively. Our experienced employees all embody our tenants of professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and creativity.


We appreciate that trust is not automatic; it must be earned over time. We believe transparency and building long-lasting partnerships go hand in hand. Our team taps into the opportunities that are only possible when relationships are grounded in mutual trust and respect.


Our philosophy insists upon a strong relationship with the community surrounding each property. Through charitable giving, volunteering, partnerships with local vendors, and an emphasis on sustainability, we’re able to balance business success with being an exceptional neighbor.


We can’t wait to start building success for your community, your portfolio, and your brand.