Who We Are

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About Us

At Fathom Companies, we measure our experience working for, and with, some of the most successful brands in the industry—not in terms of years, but decades. And it’s from that perspective that we formed our core beliefs:

We believe in fostering an environment of empowerment, creativity and teamwork. We believe in presentation, remarkable design and fastidious attention to detail. We believe in sustainability and making a positive contribution to our local communities. And finally, we believe in the richness of opportunity that is possible when grounded in mutual trust and respect.

We recognize that Fathom’s ongoing success depends on satisfying the specific needs and objectives of our stakeholders: hotel clients, associates, investors and the surrounding community. Management decisions are carefully weighed and considered with the needs of all stakeholders in mind—at all times—ensuring that we remain true to our goal of providing outstanding results for all.

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We Value

Our Clients

We appreciate that trust is not automatic; it must be earned over time. And for that reason, we are relentless in our pursuit of a clients’ trust from our very first interaction. We conduct our business accordingly, establishing the highest standards for our amenities and aesthetics while constantly making adjustments to further refine our award-winning services. It’s not just about showing our guests a good time—it’s about creating an experience that’s as unforgettable as it is unique.

Our Team

The members of Fathom’s team are experienced in the nuances of exceptional hospitality, and we select them with our guiding principles in mind, seeking professionalism, integrity, efficiency and creativity. In turn, we foster an atmosphere of communication, encouragement and respect, believing strongly that people perform their best when nothing less is expected.

Our Investors

At its core, Fathom Companies is a business enterprise, tasked with delivering operational efficiency and profit. We hold ourselves accountable for yielding successful results for our investment partners, and we have developed exclusive analytical systems for monitoring and reporting performance to keep this objective both visible and attainable.

Our Community

Our philosophy insists upon a strong relationship with the community surrounding each property. Through charitable giving, volunteering, partnerships with local vendors and an emphasis on sustainability, we’re able to balance business success with being an exceptional neighbor.


Dennis Ruppel

Chairman and Director

Jim Brady

President and Director

Chris Ruppel

Vice President and Director

Michael Strejcek

Vice President of Operations

Jon Helmke III

Corporate Director of Finance

Virginia (Ginny) Petrovek

Corporate Director of Hotel Operations

Josh Berry

Corporate Executive Chef/Food & Beverage

Brandon Hussey

Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing

Kate Harrigan

Corporate Director of Human Resources

Karl McElligott

Corporate Director of Food & Beverage

Marieke Thormann

Project Director

Bettina Reece

Executive Assistant